Priest: Gov’t, telcos ‘not doing enough’ to stop crimes vs. kids

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OLONGAPO City, Zambales, April 30, 2015—After the news of an Australian sexual predator’s crimes hit the headlines recently, an Irish missionary priest and human rights advocate based in Olongapo expressed disgust over what he called the impotent child protection laws of the Philippines, blaming the heinous crimes against Filipino minors partly on the alleged connivance between big business and government officials.

Fr. Shay Cullen being interviewed by a Polish network (Photo: PREDA)


“[Now,] we see the likely result of this connivance and colluding between big business and government officials. Horrific crimes against children are being done and continue daily over the internet. Filters have not been set up or installed as the law says. The Internet Watch Foundation can prove that,” lamented Fr. Shay Cullen, founding president of Preda Foundation, who has fought for the protection of women and children from sex slavery since 1969, as well for the promotion of human rights, peace, and non-violence in the Philippines.

“Child and adult pornography [are] available to children daily on their pads and cell phones. The dirty work of Australian Peter Scully and his local helpers was possible because of uncontrolled internet access. They made videos of a screaming 18-month old child being tortured and murdered. You need to be of strong heart if you watch it,” he said.

“The horrific videos were sold in the USA and EU countries. Is this a civilized country, is Christianity dead? Is the Philippines a morally failed state? Why can this happen openly and uncontrolled?” asked the priest.

Insatiable greed, lust

Pointing to “insatiable greed, the lust for money, pleasure, and power” as the deadly combination that encourage such atrocities, Cullen challenged politicians and corporations to do everything in their power to stamp out these crimes in order to give justice to the children.

Moreover, the Columban missionary revealed that telecommunications companies in the country allegedly keep ignoring the Anti-Child Pornography Law of 2009, as proven by their alleged failure to issue a statement of compliance with the statute.

R.A. 9775 explicitly orders Internet Server Providers (ISPs) to install softwares that will block the transmission of images and videos of children being forced to do live sexual acts online for paying customers in places around the world.

“Criminal pedophiles pay to watch children being abused and raped. Some order they be tortured and killed,” explained Cullen .

‘Looking the other way’

He further blasted the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) officials for “looking the other way,” and for its alleged refusal to enforce the law, reminding them that victims of child pornography have the right to file charges against the telecommunication companies and individual stockholders that violate the law.

“If it is being obeyed, the victims and their families would not be suffering,” added Cullen. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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