Priest: ‘Consecration of kids to Mary is powerful’

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Hundreds of Mater Dei Academy students consecrated themselves to the Blessed Virgin last February 24. (Photo credit: Chita Araw)

TAGAYTAY City, March 3, 2014— There is a certain power in ones who are innocent and pure, according to a priest, especially if they are consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“With children around you having consecrated themselves..You feel that this is Our Lady’s way. What the world thinks to be unimportant, to be a sector that need to be taken care of, but in the end it will be [the children] that will save us — their prayer, their sacrifice, their innocence,” Confraternity of Mary Mediatrix of All-Grace founder Fr. Melvin Castro said in an interview after witnessing the consecration of 110 Mater Dei Academy grade school students recently. 

Value of consecration

The consecration to the Blessed Virgin, something the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines started to intensely promote since the national consecration of the country last June 9, 2013, has “tremendous value for [the kids] and the entire world”, the priest added.

“We’re doing what Our Lady wants us to do… [The children] will be the ones who will help us without them even realizing it. They’re doing the great battles in behalf of the church. We’ll win this one, with them,” Fr. Castro, who imposed the Miraculous Medal on hundreds of gradeschoolers and high school students who consecrated themselves to the Blessed Virgin last February 24.

Fr. Castro, who is also the executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, pointed out the significance of Our Lady appearing to the children of Fatima.

“When I entered the place, you can feel that these are children. You can feel their sincerity, their innocence. And you can somehow imagine when Our Lady appeared to the children of Fatima and why she appeared so,” he added. 

Being set apart for God

Fr. Castro, who also consecrated himself to the Blessed Virgin when he was in the 4th grade, emphasized how young children are able to grasp the intention of consecration and how powerful it will eventually become.

“Of course, during that time, I didn’t know exactly what it meant, consecration, but  I simply did it. I didn’t even understand what is incarnate wisdom, rejecting Satan, all his pomps and works. What’s that? Just pray it,” he recounted.

What is for sure, Fr. Castro stressed, is how children are able to grasp the idea of belonging to Jesus through Mary and being “set apart” for God.

The preparatory talks on the spirit of the world vs. the spirit of Jesus Christ; knowledge of self; knowledge of Mary; and knowledge of Jesus Christ were given by the Confraternity of Mary Mediatrix of All-Grace. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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