Priest advocates ongoing program for Calungsod awareness

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MANILA, Oct. 23, 2012—With the canonization of the 2nd Filipino Saint Pedro Calungsod, a Catholic priest has suggested ways to continue raising the awareness of Filipinos, particularly the youth on the life and works of Calungsod.

In an interview, Fr. Tirso Gliponeo, SOLT, said simple catechism in schools is one way of making the saint known especially to Filipino kids and students.

But for the out-of-school youth, the priest said, the Church must have concrete programs not just pamphlets or books.

“This way, we can reach many Filipinos, particularly the youth and those who are un-Churched. And the youth ministry in every parish can be the prime movers of this concrete plan,” Gliponeo said.

Aside from catechism, pamphlets and books, the youth director of Sto. Niño Parish in Tondo mentioned that youth ministries in every parish can also establish groups, clubs or associations attributed to the saint.

On his part, Gliponeo said he is planning to establish a San Pedro Youth Club in the parish with the aim of deepening the experience of youth members in relation with fellow young people, their own self, with the environment and their relationship with God by imitating San Pedro Calungsod.

“The canonization is timely because Pedro is reminding the youth to meditate on their relationship with their own self, fellow young people, environment and God. These kinds of concrete actions will justify the continuing awareness especially for devotees of San Pedro Calungsod,” he furthered. (Jandel Posion/CBCPNews)


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