Prelate: ‘Walking with the Church’ is about sacramental life

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NAGA City, March 27, 2015 – A downpour did not stop hundreds of Penitential Walk participants from “walking with the Church”, which Caceres Archbishop Rolando Tria Tirona stressed is all about making the sacraments the center of one’s life.

Fr. Chito Llagas, parish priest of the Parish and Shrine of St. Teresa of Avila (San Vicente, Baao), leads his parishioners at the Teresa 500 Penitential Walk, March 21, 2015 (Photo: Natalie Quimlat)

According to the Carmelite prelate, journeying or “walking” with the Church means being involved in its activities, programs, “celebrations and sacraments”.

Devotion, sacraments

It also means having a “deep devotion” and “living [a] sacramental life”.

In addition, the prelate, who walked walked with the faithful on May 21, from the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral to the Carmelite Monastery, said one’s own walk must be accompanied by “prayer and the Cross”.

It is an intimate journey with God, with a sense of mission, a “sense of the Church, done with the people, most especially with the poor, accompanied by Mary, our Mother”.

Particularly, he said the invitation to walk with St. Teresa of Avila, the first Woman Doctor of the Church, is a call to “walk better Christian lives, [to] walk with fortitude, in charity, humility and resolute determination”.

Be led by the Spirit

According to Tirona, in Scripture, to walk means “to follow a certain course of life, or to conduct oneself in a certain way”. In the New Testament, walking is a “continuous mode of conduct or behavior”. In the writings of Sts. John and Paul, it is stated that “Christians [must] not walk in darkness and in craftiness”, rather, they must “live in newness of life, in good works, love, wisdom, and obedience.”

In addition, the Carmelite prelate added that Jesus invites his flock to “walk with Him”, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As He himself taught: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. Jesus “walked” much in his life, from when He became man, throughout his ministry and until His death: Jesus carried His Cross to Calvary.

Reflections for the Journey

Prior to the Penitential Walk, Tirona gave three points for reflection, all sayings from St. Teresa of Avila:

  • “Let nothing disturb you.”
  • “All things are passing.”
  • “God alone suffices.”

The questions given focused on one’s relationship with God and the kind of life one has, if one “lives by the Sacraments and seeks [a] contemplative intimacy with His loving God through prayer and action”.

Fr. Jay Jacinto spearheaded the said activity and was organized by the Teresa 500 Committee through the leadership of Fr. Wilmer Joseph Tria and the Carmelite community, which will be celebrating the 5th birth centenary of St. Teresa of Avila on March 28, Saturday. (Natalie Hazel Quimlat/CBCPNews)

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