Prelate urges prayer vs. China

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CEBU City, July 7, 2014—With China’s “expansionist ambition” posing a real threat to Filipino security, Cebú Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal offers a tested solution: prayer.

A devotee lovingly cradles an image of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace during the 4th National Pilgrimage to Lipa, Batangas in 2009. (Photo: CBCP News)

In a circular dated June 19, 2014, Vidal invites the Filipino faithful to enlist the Blessed Mother’s help in warding off any possible armed confrontation with the emerging “super power”.

“The Philippines cannot by any stretch of imagination equal or overtake China in economic growth or prevail in a military confrontation,” said the prelate.

According to Vidal, a “smaller and poorer country” like the Philippines, with its “ill-equipped armed forces”, is no match to China’s “huge financial, material, human resources, and military capability”.

“The first and only line of defense the Philippines has,” the prelate stated, “is the mantle of protection by the Blessed Virgin Mary”.

Vidal explained that the current geopolitical crisis prompted him to come up with a “prayer crusade for the peace and security of the Philippines”.


Recalling the Marian apparitions at Lipa in the 1940s, the cardinal noted that recent events are unfolding as prophesied by “Mary, Mediatrix of All-Grace” to Teresing L. Castillo.

Page 40 of the pamphlet “I am Mary, Mediatrix of All-Grace” written by Castillo with Vidal’s imprimatur mentions that on October 17, 1948, Our Lady told the seer, “Pray hard for [sic] China’s dream to invade the whole world. The Philippines is one of its favorites. Money is the evil force that will lead the people of the world to destruction.”

The Mediatrix added, “Prayers, sacrifices, self-denials, and the daily recitation of the rosary will soften the heart of my Son as I said before.

Vidal shared, “It is to the Queen of Prophets under her title Mediatrix of All-Grace to whom we will have recourse in order to avert the build-up of tension and to check the territorial ambitions of this Asian superpower.

The prelate stressed that by following the path of prayer and penance — sounded out in Fátima, Portugal and reiterated in Lipa — that the Philippines will be spared the scourge of war and the domination of a communist giant. (Raymond A. Sebastián)

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