Prelate to voters: Beware of candidates’ ‘empty promises’

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Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles of Lipa (Photo: CBCP News)

LIPA City, Batangas, Jan. 15, 2015 – With just a few months left before the coming election season, the head of the Catholic Church in Batangas reminded local voters to pray and not to be swayed over by the “attractive but empty promises” of candidates so that the Kingdom of God will have a chance to firmly take root in the province.

“For a start, let us pray a lot for God to intervene in our life so that we will only do His will and give people reason to hope for better times. We do not do this only for our province. We want to show the whole country that we can and we must do everything that God’s reign will prevail in our land,” said Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles of Lipa in a recent post on his Facebook page.

‘Nice faces’

Since the electoral campaign period kicked off, the social media-savvy prelate noted how voters now have to expect seeing so many faces trying to be nice to them by going out of their way to make them feel important.

“Whether you like it or not, they are there already doing all possible ways to persuade you to choose them to be your leaders for the next years,” he explained.

Based on past experiences, Arguelles went on to predict that there are always those who will bash him and other religious leaders for allegedly “meddling” in non-Church matters just because voters tend to seek their advice even on political issues.


“Many of you look for guidance from religious leaders. A few would criticize us (me in particular) for ‘interfering’ in political affairs,” he said.

According to him, those who do not agree with his and his fellow prelates are free to ignore their opinions.

However, he assured all who will ask for his assistance that he will by no means hesitate to respond to their requests.

“So expect to hear from me some reminders about making sure that you do not offend God by increasing the destructive power of the devil over our province and people,” he added. (Raymond A. Sebastián / CBCP News)

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