Prelate to pro-lifers: Truth matters, not numbers

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MANILA, March 22, 2014—A high-ranking Church official reassured pro-life advocates that God will always be with them in their fight for family and life at the Nuestra Señora de Guía Shrine in Ermita Saturday morning weeks before a much-awaited Supreme Court decision on the RH Law.

“Why be bothered by our small number, the lack of popular support, when what is more important is that we know we are fighting for the truth—the truth that life is sacred?” asked Lipa Archbishop Ramón Arguelles, who had come all the way from Batangas to celebrate the Holy Mass with other members of the clergy.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said, the fight for life is on the side of truth. (Photo credit: Raymond Sebastian)

In time for the “Day of the Unborn” on March 25, which coincides with the “Feast of the Annunciation”, the prelate encouraged the congregation to continue campaigning for the rights of the unborn “even as it seems there are only a few of us in the struggle”.

Arguelles praised the assembled “pro-lifers” for their commitment in upholding the “sanctity of life and family”.

Noting that even the present Philippine Constitution guarantees every Filipino citizen’s “rights to life and family”, the Lipa archbishop slammed the proposed Reproductive Health (RH) Law, which he stressed “undermines these most sacred of rights”.

Except for the Vatican City, the headquarters of the Catholic Church, the Philippines remains the only state in the world where abortion of any form and in any stage is considered a serious crime. The majority of countries, even some where Catholicism is the predominant religion, opted to allow legalized abortion.

Arguelles asked the faithful to pray for the Supreme Court (SC) to junk the RH Bill in favor of life — not only because it is constitutional, but also Biblical. He minced no words in condemning SC magistrates who will reason that their decision on RH has nothing to do with religion. He enjoined the congregation to stay vigilant, lest the “forces of darkness” would have their way.

The archbishop lamented that there are Catholic individuals and institutions that, having been “contaminated by evil”, see nothing wrong with the RH Law.

Arguelles pointed out that they cannot call themselves Catholic and pro-choice at the same time because the labels “Catholic” and “pro-choice” are mutually exclusive concepts. He countered those who accuse the Church of being “outmoded”, explaining that the Catholic Church is the “Body of Christ and not an association of powerful persons with vested interests”.

He also criticized President Benigno Aquino for going against the legacy of his mother, former President Corazon Aquino, who was one of the architects of the 1987 Constitution, which guarantees the right of the unborn. But Arguelles hopes that with fervent prayers, these “prodigal sons” would soon be brought back to the “House of God where there is truth, goodness, beauty, and perfection”.

“When that happens, we must welcome them back and rejoice their return… We shall not fail, because the Lord shall not fail us. We go with God because God goes with us. We shall prevail. We shall defeat the Evil One,” he added. (Raymond A. Sebastián)



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