Pope’s visit reminder of true ‘Tuwid na Daan’

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MANILA, Oct. 2, 2014 — Pope Francis’ visit to the country in 2015 is a note for the faithful to retrace or stay on the track of the true “Tuwid na Daan” (right path), a nun in the military and police ministry said in a recent interview.

The Pontiff’s meeting with Filipino believers, which is a rare opportunity, should remind them of the “way of Christ”, of feeding the hungry, healing the sick and comforting the troubles, said Sr. Gloria V. Felix, FSP, who is also translator of Italian texts for the Daughters of St. Paul.

Compassion not publicity

The true “Tuwid na Daan” is also about compassion and truth, not publicity and political advantage, she stressed.

Sr. Gloria V. Felix, 79, FSP, translator of Italian texts to English, spends time with Pasay City police and other officers during an event. (Photo: Daughters of St. Paul)

That is the true “Tuwid na Daan.” Christ exemplified it in the Scriptures, Felix added.

“Everyone should listen to the Holy Father, who is Christ’s representative and successor of St. Peter,” she said. “He is the shepherd and we are the sheep.”

“The Pope is representing Christ, who is the only way,” Felix said. “We should listen to the shepherd so we can follow the course he is leading us on.”

As Christ representative, Pope Francis will see during his visit if the sheep are fed well, physically and spiritually, Felix said.

“That’s why he is going to areas in Visayas hit by Yolanda, whose people need most the shepherd as yet,” she said.

Economic growth for the poor

The nun also said the reported economic growth “should be felt by the poorest of the poor”.

Felix pointed to the fact that Filipinos are a “hospitable people”, but many are left living an “undignified life due to poverty.”

Their privation is worsened by crooked politicians and their cabals, who pocket billions of money that is supposed to ease the living condition of the poor, she said.

The nun, who has been in military ministry since the Marcos years, also called on people to speak out against corruption.

“The first law of creation is order. Both the people and leaders should adhere to and uphold it,” she noted.

According to the nun, this means that a nation’s wealth, which is God’s, should feed the hungry, heal the sick, and shelter the homeless.

Pope Francis’ visit will be the third time a Pontiff will visit the Philippines. (Oliver Samson)

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