Pope to faithful: ‘Persevere as Christians’

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MANILA, Dec. 1, 2014 — Despite hardship or monotony, perseverance in the faith is the call of every Christian.

This was one of Pope Francis’ messages to the faithful during a morning meditation at the Domus Sanctae Marthae on Nov. 13.

Pope Francis (Photo: CNA)

“Men, women who care for their children, take care of grandparents, who have only 50 cents in their pocket by month’s end, but they pray,” said the Holy Father, urging the faithful to appreciate the perseverance of simple Christians who carry their family forward amid struggles.

According to Pope Francis, it is in the struggle of everyday life that the Kingdom of God is found.

“Hidden in that holiness of daily life [is the Kingdom of God], that everyday holiness…because the Kingdom of God is not far from us, it is close,” he added.

The Holy Father also stressed the need to see God’s action in simple things rather than in spectacular events or occurrences.

The reason why “Jesus removes, from the mind of the disciples, the image of the Kingdom of God as a spectacle” is because the Kingdom of God characterizes an “everyday closeness” with its people, symbolizing both the joy and suffering in the everyday grind of human life, the Pope said.

He urged the people to ask “the Lord for this grace of caring for the Kingdom of God that is within us and in the midst of us in our communities: caring with prayer, adoration, service in charity, silently.”

“The Kingdom of God is humble, like a seed: humble; but it becomes big by the power of the Holy  Spirit…and we have to let it grow within us, without boasting. May the Spirit come, change our soul and
lead us forth in silence, in peace, in quiet, in closeness to God, to others, in adoration of God, without pageantry,” Pope Francis said. (Jennifer Orillaza/CBCPNews)

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