Poland-based Pinoys, active WYD promoters

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Group picture with some of the Filipinos who were able to attend last July 2-3 Filipino Summer Grill Picnic in Cz?stochowa. The event was held in a pilgrim house ran by 3 Filipino Franciscan sisters. (Fr. Mickey Cardenas)

KRAKOW, Poland, July 26, 2016–Even before the first pilgrims from the Philippines arrived in Poland for 31st World Youth Day (WYD) in Krakow, Filipino Catholics based in various parts this country were already taking part in its organization.

“Upon learning that the World Youth Day would be held in Poland, the Filipinos here became very excited. In spite of the fact that we are only a few Filipinos here we look forward in helping out, because this country has become our second home,” said Ronaldo Farrales, a Filipino working as an IT consultant developer/analyst in Warsaw for 13 years now.

According to Farrales, there are about 400 Filipinos all around Poland, mostly in Warsaw.

“Siyempre excited kami na makakakita ng mga pinoy na aattend,” added Farrales.

Active promoters of WYD

“Some of the Filipinos here are actively promoting  the 31st World Youth Day to other Filipinos everywhere. Some of us were also invited in some WYD preparations in the local parishes to share our experiences with the now-legendary 10th WYD held in Manila in 1995,”  Farrales said.

“In our parish in Warsaw, me and my family and some Filipino youth will be joining the week-long event. Others will be joining in the weekend activities. I know that other Filipinos in other cities will be participating as well. Others will be hosting some delegates or friends who will be coming over.”

“In a simple but meaningful way, some has responded from inquiries of delegates coming over for the WYD. Many inquiries are about cost of food, the best place to stay, visa application, currencies to bring,etc,” elaborated the IT consultant.

A great re-awakening of the Faith

“As we have observed, the WYD in Poland is helping the Catholics here assess themselves about their faith and what they can share to the pilgrims coming to Poland.”

“The WYD has given the Church and the local community to be organized and to be united in faith especially during the Days in the Diocese activities.”

“We hope that all the people, not just the youth, who became involved in the WYD will keep the flame of faith in their hearts burning,” Farrales said.  (Fr. Mickey Cardenas/CBCP News)




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