PNoy ‘ruthless’ to enemies—law dean

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MANILA, Nov. 8, 2014—The Dean of San Beda College’s Graduate School of Law hits the Aquino administration for the “less than nice way” with which it allegedly runs after its political enemies.

President Benigno Aquino III (Photo: Malacañang News Bureau)

Fr. Ranhilio Aquino-Callangan points out in a recent Facebook post that the present government has “ruthlessly cut down its enemies.”

“It caused Ombudsman Gutierrez to resign. It ousted so many appointees by virtue of Executive Order No. 2, categorizing them all as midnight appointees. It impeached a Chief Justice by buying the votes of senators. It has caused the prosecution and detention of senators not on the Yellow Side,” he shares.

Callangan, moreover, berates the PNoy administration for its alleged softness towards its allies.

“It has instantly proclaimed the innocence of Purisima, Soliman, de Lima, and presidential relatives and kin involved in the Rychter accusation,” he explains.

“It is hypocritical of this government to hound the Vice President [Jejomar Binay] for the very same offenses that many of its allies have successfully concealed,” he stresses.

The law dean asserts that the purpose of what he dubbed the “televised media-covered spectacle” that the public gets from the Senate “is not the truth”.

“So, please, stop bastardizing the truth and claiming that it is the end of this charade. The building, the holdings, etc. were all there long before 2014! In fact, most of the supposed offenses committed by VP Binay were supposedly perpetrated before he was elected VP. It is clear that he is hounded now to destroy his chances at the presidency,” Callangan says.

“It is this attempt at railroading the results of the 2016 election that I most detest, and that will be true whether the candidate is Binay or Pokwang or Aling Dionesia!” he laments.

Turned off by their alleged hypocrisy, Callangan adds many of those “striking an inquisitorial pose” and “playing the role of crusader for morality and truth” have profited in many ways from wrongdoing, especially the Disbursement Acceleration Fund (DAP), which, he claimed, wrongfully convicted a high official of state in an impeachment trial. (Raymond A. Sebastián)

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