Pinoys ‘excited’ over pope film

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MANILA, Sept. 28, 2015 ? Months after his phenomenal visit to the country, Filipino moviegoers express much excitement over the forthcoming release of “Papa Francis: The Pope Francis Story,” inviting all Catholics to know the pontiff better by watching it.

“I will definitely watch this movie about Pope Francis!” exclaimed Michael Vincent Suico, a young accountant from Parañaque City.

He believes the film will help dispel the prevailing misconception that priests, members of religious orders, and popes for that matter, are larger-than-life figures who are out of touch with the experiences of most people.

Echoing Pope Francis himself in an interview, Suico noted that the Pope is a man who laughs, cries, sleeps peacefully, and has friends like everyone else.


For Marlon Serrano, lay coordinator of San Roque de Navotas Parish, the movie is a “must-see” for all Catholics who want to draw inspiration from a life dedicated to God and to fellow humans.

“It goes without saying that Catholics have to see this film about the Holy Father. We still have much to know and learn from his life, how an ordinary person rose to become the highest leader of the Church today,” he explained.

Ziegfried Olegario, a call center agent from Cavite, seconded Serrano, welcoming the movie as a “breath of fresh air” when the usual movies these days lack content.

“I’ll watch and promote this film about a humble man whose battle cry is for the poor and for God’s Kingdom is worth emulating. Let us help bring sanity back to our theatres!” he said.

Spiritual nourishment

Carl Sanchez Bordeos, a young professional from Tondo, encouraged Christians who crave spiritual nourishment to watch “Papa Francisco.”

“Watching biopics like that of the Pope will help us to spiritually nourish our Christian faith and will surely help us to be better Catholics,” he said.

“For the past two years, we have been reading books about Pope Francis or hearing news about him on TV or watching short docus about him. It is time we closely study who really is Pope Francis, and why he is ‘rocking’ the present world,” he added.


The nationwide regular screening of “Papa Francisco: The Pope Francis Story” starts on Wednesday, Sept. 30. (Raymond A. Sebastián / CBCP News)

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