PHL has no crisis in vocations, says bishop

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PASIG City, Nov. 14, 2012—Vocation to the priesthood and religious life maybe declining in other countries particularly in Europe but not in the Philippines, a Catholic bishop said.

Pasig Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, at a press conference during the celebration of the 5thDirectors for Vocation in the Philippines-National Capital Region (DVP-NCR) held at St. Paul College in Pasig, said that the Philippines is considered the seedbed of vocation in Asia, the main reason why there is no crisis of vocation in the country.

Bishop Mylo Vergara gestures as he emphasized the need to pray more to discern one's vocation in life.

But he is saddened that because of secularism, many young people are turning a deaf ear to the call to priesthood and religious life.

“But the declining of vocation in Europe and the Americas can be viewed as a positive aspect. If they lack priests and nuns in the other side of the globe, we from Asia can provide them and will send them. That is why we are sending them missionaries that can help them in strengthening back the vocation that they currently need,” Vergara said.

He emphasized that even if there is a problem of lack of vocation, it can still be seen as a positive aspect because of the need to encourage the young to respond to the call of serving God through priesthood or religious life.

Vergara also shared that during the 50th Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, Ireland last June, he met a young priest from Europe and asked him questions about his priestly vocation.

I asked him, “you came from this part of the world, what happened?” He replied was, “I felt empty in my life even if I worked in a corporate world, I cannot find what I am looking for. Then when I saw a priest, I told myself, why not try to enter the seminary. I passed the entrance exam and now I am a priest.”

“That story makes us think clearly that even if there is secularism, there are still young people in that specific part of the world who respond to God’s call,” he furthered.

He also encouraged every young person to develop an intimate relationship with God and to pray for the gift of vocation. (Jandel Posion/CBCPNews)

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