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MANILA, May 30, 2015 – A Filipino educator based in Rome has expressed fear that the bastion of the faith in the East will find itself imitating Ireland in no time, but remains hopeful that the nation can hold its own against what the Holy Father calls “contraceptive imperialism” if Filipinos will only be smart enough to resist the lures of Western propaganda.

Next Ireland?

“Unfortunately, it will not only be the Irish who will suffer the consequence of this mistake, in the same way that it was not only Pandora who suffered the evil she released when she opened ‘The Box.’ Indeed, the itch for the same dangerous social experiment is making its way to the Philippines,” observes Robert Z. Cortes, commenting on the “historic” event that unfolded recently in the land of St. Patrick.

Educator Robert Cortes meets then pope St. John Paul II. (Photo taken from Cortes' Facebook)

According to doctorate student of Church Communications in Rome, not everything that has made it to the history books is a cause for jubilation, and the Philippines would do well not to follow the Emerald Isle’s lead.

He says it is simply “untrue, disingenuous or naïve” to say that the 62% of Ireland who voted Yes did not “change marriage” given that they actually did, wittingly or unwittingly.


Cortes hits those of the “progressive” camp who pressure Filipinos into ditching their “medieval” way of thinking with regard to sexuality, marriage, and family life.

“But this is western imperialism all over again; now more anti-life (Pope Francis calls this ‘contraceptive imperialism’). But Filipinos should be smart enough not to believe all this bull, and courageous enough to stand up to all the bullying. There’s even a Filipino word for that: ‘astig’,” he stresses.

No cause for joy

However, Cortes, who is currently taking up Social Institutional Communication doctorate studies at the Pontificia Universitá Della Santa Croce (PUSC) in Rome Italy, points out that all is not “lost to the world,” and that the fight for life continues.

“But all is not lost to the world. Even Pandora’s story didn’t end in tragedy with the appearance of Hope. And the Philippines may yet be the source of hope for the world. I don’t say this from a sense of messianic delusion, but rather from the remarkable fact that the Philippines is now the only nation in the world that has resisted both the trap of divorce and the evil of abortion,” he explains.

“We are also probably the only nation in the world where a legal document categorically states that life begins at conception. Maybe in the issue of upholding the truth of marriage we will be the only nation left standing,” he adds. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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