Parents urged to protect children against vices

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MANILA, Sept. 4, 2012—A Catholic priest has urged parents to protect their children against drug addiction and other vices that can destroy their well-being and future.

Fr. Conegundo Garganta of the Episcopal Commission on Youth said that parents should be on the lookout as always and protect their children from vices and substance abuse.

“But it becomes a challenge to parents in today’s generation on how to properly guide their young children especially when they are outside of the house, how much less is the vigilance of parents in looking out for them. They can be vigilant by examining the whereabouts of their children and know the condition and problems that their children are encountering,” Garganta said.

Parents, together with the community must come up with concrete actions to protect their children from vices, the priest said.

The active involvement and participation of parents and family members are crucial, as “they are the first police officers in the community that will help put away vices so that children will not reach it,” he added.

The priest pointed out that parents must show to their children how much they are really loved, make their children feel that they belong and they are really taken care of.

He also suggests to young people to choose right friends, to focus their attention to their parents and family and studies. In this way, young people will not be inclined to develop vices and other destructive habits.

Last August 24, the National Youth Commission (NYC) in partnership with the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) launched its nationwide caravan on the effects of substance abuse and dependence which includes interactive plenary sessions, panel discussion, and the intensified launching of the ‘Barkarda Kontra Droga-Bagets’ edition program.

NYC Commissioner Earl Saavedra said that the battle against substance abuse has become alarming. The commission in its latest national assessment study found out that 7-8% of young people from between the ages of 15-30 drop out of school due to drug dependence and believe that 75% resort to substance abuse to escape from desperate situations.

The caravan aims to showcase the best practices of youth groups and organizations in combating drug addiction among young people.

Saavedra and the commission wishes to put a barrier among the young people’s vulnerabilities and innocence which oftentimes become reasons why they resort to illegal drugs. (Jandel Posion)

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