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MANILA, March 15, 2013 – Despite living in different time zones, Filipinos scattered all over the globe share high hopes for Pope Francis.

Karen Dela Cerna, who lives in Dili, East Timor, said, “I hope that he may address the issues of the Church and the tribulations that other nations are facing right now.”

Modern St. Francis of Assisi

Cebu-born Dela Cerna, who works as the executive secretary of East Timor’s Minister of State Administration, said Pope Francis’ choice of a name also holds special significance for the Church – one that points to St. Francis of Assisi’s inspired leadership of simplicity, humility and zeal for evangelization.

She said, she was working when she heard about the news and immediately went online to read about Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina.

Elianathes Mallari of Fairfield, California also approved of Cardinal Bergoglio’s chosen name, saying the virtues of St. Francis of Assisi are exactly what a world in “turmoil and strife” needs.

Jesuit open-mindedness

Some Pinoys like Oliver Regondola of Papua New Guinea are happy with Pope Francis’ election for quite personal reasons.

“Siyempre masaya ako kasi Jesuit (Of course, I am happy, because he’s a Jesuit),” said Regondola, who admitted he has a special ‘bias’ for Jesuits having been formed by them for 8 years as a student in Ateneo de Naga.

Regondola, an information and communication technologies manager in Port Moresby, explained the papacy could very well use the Jesuit trait of open-mindedness on issues.

Singapore-based Dhojenes De Guzman admitted he was one of many who were really half-hoping that Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle would be the next Pope, but said, he accepts and approves of the cardinals’ choice.

The Singtel sales executive, who closely followed updates on the conclave, said he was surprised the election was quite fast and said he “hopes the best” for the new Pope. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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