NFA, Caritas to open rice outlets in parishes

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MANILA, August 9, 2014—The National Food Authority (NFA) teams up with the Catholic Church, through its social service arm Caritas Manila, in setting up rice outlets in various parishes.

In a recent interview over Radyo Veritas, NFA spokesperson Rex Estoperes said the project aims to bring affordable rice closer to Filipino consumers amid the rising price of this food staple in the market.

The National Food Authority (NFA) teams up with the Catholic Church to bring affordable rice to consumers through church-based rice outlets. (Photo: CBCP News)

He explained, “Our Administrator [Arthur O. Juan] keeps reminding us that NFA is for the people, and so our rice, priced at P27 a kilo for regular rice, and P32 a kilo for well-milled rice, should reach as many of our countrymen as possible.”

He added that with the help of Caritas Manila and the Church’s network of parishes, NFA expects to broaden its scope, becoming more accessible to low-income households looking for inexpensive rice.

“Since they [poor Filipinos] cannot afford to buy the commercial kind, NFA has to step in to make sure there’s rice available to them, especially in non-traditional outlets like the ones in churches.”

Estoperes stressed that in spite of the lean months of July and August, NFA will see to it that distributors keep the price of commercial rice low.

If they do not comply, he assured that NFA will continue doing its job of making inexpensive rice available to Filipinos, especially the poor. (Raymond A. Sebastián)

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