New ‘love-themed’ San Agustin Museum to open

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MANILA, April 24, 2015 – What moved the first Augustinians to come to the Philippines nearly 500 years ago? Love, of course.

This is exactly what the refurbished San Agustin Museum would like to exhibit during its formal opening in November to mark the 450th anniversary of the arrival of the Augustinians in the country, carrying the theme “Story of 450 Years of Love”.

The "new" San Agustin Museum opens in November 2015 with the theme "Story of 450 Years of Love” (Photo: Vanessa Puno)

“We make San Agustin Museum such that pilgrims’ visit will be able to reread the history which is the best way to educate Filipinos of ignorance. For some, prayle is equated to Padre Damaso,  who unfortunately does not exist as a historical person but who is only part of the novel. Thus, the best way for us is to reread and revisit the history,” said said Fr. Ricky Villar, the Director of San Agustin Museum.

According to the priest, this “re-reading of history” is doable through the exhibit.

“We make the visit of Filipinos to San Agustin the easiest way possible to re-read and revisit Philippine Church history,” he added.

Augustinians, who had countless contributions from 1565 to 2015, as architects, church-builders, scientists, social workers, pharmacists, doctors, engineers, and educators. (Vanessa M. Puno/CBCP News) 

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