Netizens react to Broadway star’s ‘cafeteria Christianity’

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MANILA, Aug. 12, 2015—Reminding her that love of neighbors is not the same as sex, the “online faithful” have scored Lea Salonga over what they see as the Broadway artist’s “cafeteria Christianity” and use of the Bible to come out with what seems to be “Christian” arguments in support of gay marriage.

“Oh Lea, you are right in saying that we should love everyone, sinners and saints alike. But should loving everyone translate to allowing everyone to do as they please?” asked Catholic netizen Ryan Borja Capitulo, a medical doctor, in a social media post.

The physician was reacting to a recent Rappler interview where the internationally acclaimed Filipina singer-actress said that love of neighbors should be “all-encompassing,” “making no exceptions,” including in effect allowing persons of the same sex to marry legally.


Capitulo went on to observe, “We should love pedophiles and pray for their conversion. Should we allow them to marry children? We should love serial killers and pray for their conversion. Should we allow them to continue with their killing spree? We should love corrupt politicians and pray for their conversion. Should we allow them to continue stealing?”

The doctor, who is also an active promoter of the pro-life cause, pointed out that a true Christian must show his love for God by doing everything not to hurt Him.

For Eleanor Palabyab, Christian love is “not allowing anyone to wallow in sin,” urging all to “hate sin, but love the sinner.”

She noted, “Everyone is called to purity whether one is gay or heterosexual. It’s not who you are but what you do with who and what you are.”

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Rejecting evil

Meanwhile, James Bardos commented that love is not just about marriage.

“…loving a person is not allowing him or her to do evil things…,” he shared.

While agreeing with Salonga that true Christian love encompasses all, Shiela Borbon emphasized this should be in the context of bringing as many souls as possible to Jesus.

“Loving also means helping the person to avoid doing things that may harm his soul,” she declared.

According to Salonga, who in the same interview admitted to being Christian, one of the two most important commandments Jesus gave concerns loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

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Cafeteria neighbors

Linking this to marriage equality, she said, “So, did He [Jesus] say, therefore, unless that person happens to be gay or lesbian or trans? Last I checked, those words were not in the Bible and I’m not going to make an assumption, therefore that, Jesus Christ, more than 2,000 years ago, made those exceptions.” .

“And I’m sure that gay people existed even back then. So, when you say love your neighbor, that has to be all encompassing. It cannot just be, it can’t be like cafeteria neighbor,” she added.

Responding to Salonga’s statement, Capitulo said, “You tell us not to choose ‘cafeteria neighbors.’ Now, I tell you, Lea, do not be a cafeteria Christian!” (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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