Naval diocese boosts pro-life campaign

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NAVAL, Biliran, Nov. 6, 2012—In a bid to strengthen its campaign against the Reproductive Health bill, the diocese of Naval came up with activities aimed at giving awareness to the youth on the controversial measure.

One of the activities was the 1st Diocesan Marian Youth Day held last October 26-27 at the Immaculate Conception Parish in Leyte and attended by more than 400 young people.

The Marian Youth Day had the theme “Mary Speaks to the Young: Celebrating the Gift of Self is the Vehicle for Salvation.”

Fr. Romulo Espina, Jr., the diocesan director for family and life said the youth in the diocese, particularly in the province of Biliran are already aware about the RH bill, its advantages and disadvantages, but still ambivalent in their stand on the issue.

“Here in Naval, mainly we have preaching and activities like walk for life. With these pro-life activities, we do not just make the people especially the youth, become aware of the bad side of the Reproductive Health measure but we also help them decide to join us in our campaign,” Espina said.

During the 1st MYD, Espina talked about the Theology of the Body, a book written by the late pope, Blessed John Paul II.

He reminded the young people on the importance and sacredness of the body, which is a gift from God.

If we know and are convinced that the body is sacred, then the RH bill has no place in it, Espina said.

The priest said they are using the pulpit to drive their message across.

People also give their feedbacks on the issue and many of them share their desire to fight the measure.

Espina said that more than the clergy parents are more credible in teaching their children on the bad effects of the bill.

He also emphasized that the clergy are not against those who are supporting the measure but as priests it is their job to teach the doctrine and remind the flock about what is right and wrong.

Espina estimated that in the diocese, those who are against RH falls on 70% while those supporting it is 30%.

“It’s just a question of doctrine. We are focusing on the doctrine. It is like our actions are the consequences of what we believe. If we do believe that the measure is good, it necessarily would come out on the person’s actions,” he furthered. (Jandel Posion)

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