NASSA’s priority is the poor—priest

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MANILA, April 19, 2013—The main concern of the CBCP’s National Secretariat for Social Action Justice and Peace is to lend a hand to the poor people and give more attention to those who are deeply in need, according to Executive Secretary Fr. Edu Gariguez. 

He said seeing first hand the situation of the people living in the countryside deeply motivate them to do their best to help.

“But seeing those people living simply in contentment” is also an inspiration for the Church to go to the remote areas to help the poor, Gariguez said in an interview over Church-run Radyo Veritas. 

Gariguez added that the NASSA is serving the poor in general, not only those who were devastated by calamities. 

He also mentioned that part of their evangelization is to work hand in hand with the people regardless of their faith affiliation. 

“As long as you are in need, Church is there to serve and the enthusiasm to fulfill the Lord’s calling and given mission,” Gariguez said. 

Gariguez also ensured that they will continue to cooperate with all Diocesan Social Action Centers (DSACs) in the country for more charitable deeds. (Ivee Jean Bañares/SocialActionNews)

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