‘Modern Pilates exist’ – priest

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MANILA, April 18, 2014 — Pontius Pilate, the prefect of the province of Judaea under Roman rule who found Christ innocent, yet did not make a stand to spare His life, lives in the midst of us today, a priest said on Maundy Thursday.

“Like Pilate himself, they can tell the right from the wrong, but prefer to close their eyes to avoid the displeasure of people who do injustice,” Kanlungan ni Maria – Home for the Aged Inc. priest-in-charge Rev. Fr. Dari Dioquino said.

Leaders in government and the Church

The Pilates in our day are some of the “leaders in the government and the business sector,” Fr. Dioquino said. And sad to say, “some people in the Church.”

These people, he explained, have the capacity to demand justice being in the right position to do so, he said. But, unfortunately, they opt to “play safe”, instead of standing for the righteous.

Modern day Pilates “no longer feed Christians to animals, but indulge them with material things,” he said. “They kill the body, as well as the soul.” They choose to “wash their hands” to get exemption from direct accountability.

In the Gospel of Luke, Pilate, the fifth prefect of Judaea, found in Jesus nothing that would threaten the Roman Empire. Herod Antipas (different from Herod who wished to kill infant Jesus) also found in His actions no treason.

But Pilate washed his hands off the affair and handed Christ to the Jews, to avoid direct accountability, when he could have ordered His release by virtue of his authority.

‘Advocates of abortion’

“Most people are poor and victims of injustices because individuals who are gifted to visualize its roots and have the capacity to address it close their eyes and keep the mouth tight,” the priest explained further.

According to him, these “Pilates” let families and souls get destroyed, instead of “building communities.”

The priest also sees Herod (the one who massacred infants) living among people of today. They are “the advocates of abortion and euthanasia.”

“They kill all kinds of people, from the innocent to the old,” Fr. Dioquino said.

The Herods in our day are the advocates of war, he added. “They are the politicians who abuse their power to advance their personal interests at the expense of others. They are also the individuals who manipulate the country’s resources for their own good.”

While the church chastises other institutions for its resident evils, Fr. Dioquino said, it should deal with modern day Herods who could be a clergyman “taking liberties with children and women.” (Oliver Samson)

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