Lipa prelate ‘thankful’ over successful Marian event

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LIPA City, Batangas, September 16, 2014—Lipa Archbishop Ramón C. Argüelles expressed his gratitude to the participants of the recently concluded “11th National Days of Prayer and Pilgrimage” held in Lipa City and nearby Batangas towns from September 7 to12.

“The Blessed Mother is certainly happy with those who celebrated Her birthday and the Feast of the Mediatrix during the six days of prayer with Mary in the Lipa Archdiocese,” shared Argüelles in his Facebook post on Sunday evening, September 14.

“Everywhere people flocked to greet the Mother of God and Mother of All Mankind, in Monte María, on the Mountain of Salvation, in Taal Lake, in San Padre Pio Shrine, at the San Jose the Patriarch Shrine, the San Sebastián Cathedral, Mediatrix Parish and Carmel,” added the prelate.

Lipa Archbishop Ramón C. Argüelles contemplates before the altar during the “11th National Days of Prayer and Pilgrimage” held in Lipa City and nearby Batangas towns from September 7 to12. (Photo: Ad Jesum Per Mariam)

Argüelles noted that the “weather was perfect all throughout”.

According to him, typhoon “Luis” (international name: “Kalmaegi”), which hit the country soon after the Lipa Pilgrimage, spared Batangas.

“After the festivities typhoon Luis came and still threatens many places…Not Batangas,” said he.

With the events finished, Argüelles expresses hope that the “Days of Prayer with Mary” will not be only a six-day affair, but will be one that involves all the archdioceses and dioceses of the country and of the world.

“My prayer is that the Days of Prayer with Mary will not be only for six days but all days, not only in the Archdiocese of Lipa but in all (arch)dioceses of the Philippines and of the whole world,” the prelate stressed.

He said that when that happens, “when in all places the Mediatrix is recognized, feted, loved and obeyed, God will preserve all from ‘degradation, disaster and wars’”.

The Lipa archbishop remains positive that good will always triumph, underscoring the Blessed Mother’s important role in bringing the faithful to Christ.

He pointed out, “The devil and all his minions will be defeated. Mary will be able to gather all Her children around Jesus with whom we all belong.”

“Thanks to all those promoting devotion and love for the Blessed Mother. Blessings to all of them. With Mary, one can be sure he or she is with the Lord,” said he. (Raymond A. Sebastián)

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