Life is more valuable than money—priest

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ANTIPOLO City, July 15, 2013—In giving what was part social commentary, part modern-day parable, a priest reminded the faithful that criminal activities like the kidnapping incidents of late are never worth it, in view of the infinite value of life.

Mentioning the particular case of the recent kidnapping of businesswoman Sally Chua whose rescue cost two of her abductors their lives, Fr. Manuel Cuevas told a group of pilgrims last Saturday to fix their eyes on what is truly important in life.

Invaluable life

“Is life all about money, wealth, power? We are being reminded of the value of every life, more than money. How about the importance God the Creator Himself places on human life, is it comparable to money?”, Cuevas said in the vernacular during his homily at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage last July 13.

Speaking to a mixed group of regular mass-goers from the diocese and pilgrims from Metro Manila, Cuevas said, he found it sad that the kidnappers could be so blinded by the supposed P15 million ransom, losing everything when police caught wind of the kidnapping and busted it in a bloody shootout.

What is your personal value?

“If your value [as a person] is just P15 million, then you’re too cheap. You will exchange the value of your life for wealth that will not last,” he added.

In view of growing materialism in society, Cuevas pointed out the true wealth that never loses its value and is readily available to us – the love of God.

“The love of God gives us a sense of dignity — dignity that cannot even be equated with money. God’s relationship to you, that is your value — not money, not power, not fame,” he said. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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