Life advocate denounces RH law as ‘evil’ to be resisted

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MANILA, Feb. 25, 2014—Recognizing the secularist influences that pose threats to the ideals of the Catholic Church, a life advocate urged government and church leaders to uphold the sanctity of life by going against the Reproductive Health (RH) law that is now pending before the Supreme Court. 

Catholic speaker Michael Voris, president of St. Michael’s Media and senior executive producer of churchmilitant.tv, called on Filipinos to act in solidarity as they fight the controversial measure, which he branded as a form of “evil” to be resisted. 

“You have to resist evil whenever you see it. And if something goes wrong and the Supreme Court supports RH, then you must be prepared to go to prison,” Voris said in a recorded video posted in cbcpforlife.com, urging the Filipino faithful to act against the measure whatever odds are at stake. 

The RH law (Republic Act No. 10354), which was signed by President Aquino last 2012, is still pending implementation due to an indefinite status quo ante order issued by the Supreme Court last July. 

“Truth is always, always the most important thing and you have to resist evil no matter how you find it. Even if the government says evil is good, evil is never good. Evil is evil and you must fight it,” Voris said. 

Role of church leaders 

Voris, who visited the country for a series of talks for the prolife month celebration this February, also called on Philippine Church officials to be “strong” leaders who are in-charge of giving moral guidance to their flock. 

“For the leaders of the church here in the Philippines, you have to bear one thing in mind—you are responsible for the souls of all these people and that means you have to be strong men. You have to be strong leaders. You have to be men who love their children even if it costs you your own life, prestige, or your own popularity,” he said. 

The renowned speaker also reminded church officials of the role they play as “successors of the apostles,” urging them to always “stay truthful and faithful to Holy Mother Church.” 

“You have been appointed by Jesus Christ to be the successors of the apostles and you must take that responsibility as the most solemn responsibility you have,” Voris said. 

“You will stand before the throne of God and you have to give an account on how much you told (the people) the truth and how much you led them to have it,” he added. (Jennifer Orillaza) 

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