Lay groups band together to form Catholic Vote Phils

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MANILA, Dec. 13, 2012–There is a Catholic Vote in the Philippines. At least there will be, from the May 2013 elections and onwards.

Catholic lay organizations have banded together to ensure a formidable voter base in the May 2013 congressional elections and subsequent local and national elections.

The group calling itself Catholic Vote Philippines launched the movement at the Makati Sports Club on Wednesday, December 12. The movement would basically undertake voter education programs for their respective members and other parishioners.

Among the signatories are the Couples for Christ, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Women’s League – all are long-time Catholic Church-based institutions with officers and members nationwide.

Organizers said the movement was prompted by the government’s apparent resolve to pass “anti-family” laws in Congress, foremost of which is the RH bill. The movement said it would strongly fight against all proposed laws that have to do with population control, divorce and same sex marriage.

The movement is also the group’s response to statements made by proponents of the RH bill that there is no such thing as a Catholic vote, and therefore legislators need not be afraid.

“There will be a Catholic vote in 2013,” said Dr. Ricardo Boncan, one of the group’s spokespersons. “We will deliver it through our memberships and from among our fellow parishioners.”

Among the organizations that are part of Catholic Vote Philippines are Knights of Columbus, Sanguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas, Dominican Network, Institute of preaching Lay Missionaries, Federation of National Youth Organizations, Youth Pinoy, National Youth Ministry, St Thomas More Association, Couples For Christ, Educhild Philippines, Families Against RH Bill, Filipinos for Life, Doctors for Life, Alliance for the Family Inc., Pro-Life Philippines, Jericho Community, and Defensores Fidei Foundation.

In a manifesto read by Catholic Vote Philippines’ other spokesperson Anna Cosio, the group said it would conduct voter education programs and spell out criteria for electing national and local officials. These include high Christian moral standards, sound judgment, integrity, honor, dignity and independence. (CBCP for Life)

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