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MANILA, Oct. 21, 2016 – A prominent College of Law dean refuted some sites that ran stories of him lambasting the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for allegedly making Sen. Leila De Lima “a poster girl for human rights.”

Fr. Ranhilio Aquino-Callangan, San Beda College of Law dean, in a post on Facebook on Oct. 15 denied denouncing the CBCP.

“I never slammed the CBCP for having invited Sen. De Lima to speak after a Eucharistic celebration,” he said. “In the first place, I have always placed myself at the service of the CBCP.”

Poster girl?

De Lima, who is accused of involvement in the drug trade in the National Bilibid Prison, was not invited by the CBCP, Callangan pointed out.

“The CBCP was not in session,” he noted.

Callangan clarified that his “quoted remarks were in a comment made on a post” by a netizen who solicited his reaction regarding De Lima speaking to the churchgoers after the Mass.

At least four sites ran the same story saying Callangan criticized the CBCP for allegedly making the beleaguered senator a
“poster girl for human rights.”

More fake news circulating?

Mang Boy, a migrant worker, said he noticed some sites were already twisting and posting fake news during the last national election campaign period.

“The posts were character assassinations of some particular candidates,” he said in Filipino. “The other posts were hyping some favored candidates.”

Many Filipinos, young and old alike, including overseas Filipino contract workers who are online everyday, were led to believe the news were true without validating whether the stories were accurate or not, complained Mang Boy.

The sites that reported the inaccurate story included, www.trendingnewsportal.net.ph, www.tartey.com, and www.nowreader.com.

“We do have irresponsible persons in media,” Callangan said. (Oliver Samson / CBCPNews)

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