Int’l Eucharistic Congress calls for host families in Cebu

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Fr. Ruben Labajo, head of the IEC Pilgrim and Accomodations Committee (Photo: St. Joseph the Worker Tabunok Parish)

MANILA, Sept. 17, 2015— Organizers for the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) have asked people to open their homes to delegates for the event in Cebu City.

The IEC Home Stay Sub-Committee said it is still open to host families who would want to open their homes to IEC participants from across the world.

Fr. Ruben Labajo, head of the Pilgrim and Accomodations Committee, said of the 15,000 delegates, around 2,000 of them will be accommodated free of charge through home stay.

Open homes

These participants are those who cannot afford hotels or those who opted to immerse with the Filipino families.

“We are hoping that more families will open their doors and accept local or foreign delegates,” Labajo said in a statement posted at the IEC website.

The committee said parishes in the cities of Cebu and Mandaue have been tasked with accepting host families that are willing to provide free accomodations for delegates.

“So at this time, let us welcome Jesus in the person of the delegates and through these delegates,” he said.

“We are not actually welcoming only mere human beings or people who have no homes but we are welcoming Jesus Christ in our home and during the end of time, God is going to reward us,” Labajo added.

Hosting do’s and don’ts

A seminar was recently held at a university in Cebu for IEC host families on hosting “do’s and don’ts”.

Topics range from proper behavior, suggested bed arrangements as well as dining etiquette.

“It is possible that international delegates would opt to stay in an environment where they would be able to feel at home and would like to immerse with the families, thus we are preparing the host families who will be welcoming delegates into their houses, so that they would know how to handle the guests properly,” he said. (R. Lagarde / CBCPNews)

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