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ZAMBOANGA City, Nov. 23, 2014—The participants of the recently concluded National Assembly of the Harmony Chain Initiative (NAHCI) have taken their advocacy online with the opening of its portal www.harmonylink.info.

Organized by the Silsilah Dialogue Movement (SDM), the 1st NAHCI led to the opening of the website where harmony chain initiative advocates or link members in the Philippines and around the world can keep in touch.

Connecting people

“We reaffirm our commitment to reach out to all the members and link persons of HCI around the world. We are aware that it is difficult for us to follow the thousands of members of this initiative spread out in the Philippines and many other countries,” the participants’ statement signed Nov. 9 reads.

“The 1st National Assembly reaffirmed the importance to have a better coordination with the link persons who, voluntarily, share their time to be key persons of this initiative in schools, parishes, mosques, groups, etc. Among the many ways to remain in contact we have opened the website www.harmonylink.info and the facebookharmonychain@gmail.com,” the statement adds.

The link members also reiterated that “promoting prayer for peace is a sign of hope to sustain our commitment for dialogue and peace.”

SDM’s Harmony Prayer Initiative is an interfaith initiative of meditation and prayer aiming to create a spiritual chain of people from different cultures and religions to advocate for peace.

Praying for peace

“The NAHCI is also an occasion to promote the Harmony Prayer and the Harmony Song as a universal prayer/song that each one can use, in addition to its own form of prayer for peace, according to one’s own religion. This special prayer and song is already adopted by many schools and groups and it is an inspiring message to reaffirm our commitment of peace through a process of purification, following God’s style of love, deepening our dialogue with God, the self, others, and creation,” the statement reads.

Anyone who believes in the aim of the Harmony Chain Initiative may become a participant by communicating with SDM.

The only obligation of participants is to commit to a regular time to meditate and pray for peace, individually or with a group in any form familiar to them.

SDM’s Harmony Prayer is recommended as a common prayer as it has been endoresed by the Bishop-Ulama Conference and the Office of Presidential Adviser for Peace Process. (CBCP News)

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