Human rights protection is everybody’s duty – brother

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Bro. Angel Ace Cortez, OFM. (courtesy of OFM)

MANILA, Dec. 11, 2015 – Human rights should be protected and promoted through involvement of every individual, a Franciscan brother said on Dec. 10.

“If we seek fairness and justice, we need to get involved,” said Bro. Angel Ace Cortez.

According to the Franciscan, human rights, which is enjoyed by every single person, is everybody’s responsibility as well.

‘Simple, little ways’

“Advocating for human rights is not a championing exclusive to rights activists,” Cortez noted.

An individual advocates for human rights even if he does so in his simple and little ways, he said.

Jose Mario De Vega, a professor at the Universidad De Manila, agreed, saying, “The protection and promotion of human rights is everybody’s business.”
“Every single person should assert his right.”

The due process of the laws should also reign over the growing culture of summary executions and extrajudicial killings, Cortez said.

While most societies across the globe adhere to the rule of law, Jose Santos, a former migrant worker, notes, it’s embarrassing how some Filipinos act as if they are above the law.

Martial law again?

“I am sad that my countrymen do not learn from history,” he said referring to Marcos’ martial rule.

Many easily accept political propaganda, Santos said. “As a result [of this] a potential mad man gains chances of grabbing the highest position in the land.”

“Most of the authoritarian and tyrant leaders in history eventually became plunderers,” he said. “Why risk the future of this nation? Are we that desperate?” (Oliver Samson / CBCP News)

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