‘How can the youth be marriage-ready?’ – Tagle

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MANILA, Nov. 13, 2014 — The recent Synod on the Family leads Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle to explore and consider how the Church in the Philippines can help prepare young people for marriage.

“How do we prepare people for this very important mission of conjugal and family life? Related to that, in the church, what is the ongoing accompaniment [we give to] married people especially during the crucial years of marriage?” Tagle asked.

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle

He noted that among the issues discussed in the Synod on the Family is the need for young people to amply prepare for marriage.

According to him, people considering the married life should have a certain “level of emotional, psychological maturity” to make the lifetime commitment of marriage.

“The question is, are we mature enough to handle the challenges of family life? How is the maturation process in our respective cultures?” the 57-year old prelate added.

Aside from this factor, Tagle also pointed out other threats to the institution of marriage.

Echoing the words of the Supreme Pontiff, he noted the “crisis of faith” experienced by families as manifested by the “idolatry of money, success, and achievement.”

“What role does faith play in the lives of Christians and people of other religions? When faith is lost, how does it affect familial relationships?” Tagle asked.

According to him, during the Synod, many Asian bishops said an element that binds families in Asia is their “common faith.”

“That is why many are afraid—what will happen if this element that cements families together weakens?” Tagle said. (CBCP News/Jennifer Orillaza)

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