‘Holy Spirit embraces all’ – priest

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PASAY City, May 15, 2016 – The Church not only celebrates its birthday on Pentecost Sunday, but it rejoices over the truth that the Holy Spirit is always open to all, said a priest earlier today at a Mass during a Theology of the Body (TOB) speakers’ training at the SMX Convention Center.

“The Holy Spirit has never been an exclusive Holy Spirit, but an inclusive one,” said Fr. Maxell Aranilla, professor of De La Salle University and of San Beda Graduate School of Law.

According to the priest, who is the first Filipino graduate of the Theology of the Body Institute in Pennsylvania, Pentecost is a “celebration of our similarities.”

‘Binding force’

“At the end of the day, no matter how sinful you may be, how many times you have offended God, you have been called… We are all children of God, no matter what. Regardless of your age, looks, your race, regardless of everyhing,” explained Aranilla.

According to Aranilla, Pentecost is a reminder of the unity among human persons.

“Everyone you meet is a son, daughter of God. That’s our binding force. You may not know where he’s coming from, you may not know his background, but he is your brother, sister. That’s your similarity,” added the director of the Manila Archdiocesan Educational System.

“No one has been born bad, no one has grown up as a bad person” despite what the priest called “problems or mistakes” everyone has made along the way.

Triple celebration

“…We are created in the image and likeness of God. Since we are good we are great… And the person who realizes that he is good and great is grateful,” he said.

“Pentecost is a celebration of our similarities, of our differences, and of our faith.”

US-based international keynote speaker and author Katrina Zeno of the John Paul II Resource Center for Theology of the Body and Culture in the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona gave the TOB speakers’ training from May 14 to 15 to some 60 participants from Couples for Christ, Don Bosco School of Studies, Miriam College, Filipinos for Life, among others. (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz / CBCPNews)

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