Group to SC, solons: Junk gay agenda

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MANILA, July 8, 2015— Coming out in support of traditional marriage, a pro-life group has called on justices, lawmakers, and other influential people to “reject and oppose” any attempt by LGBT lobbyists to redefine marriage in the country, and exhorted fellow Filipinos to do their part in helping prevent this scenario.

Natural generation

In a statement released Tuesday, July 6, Filipinos for Life affirms the Church teaching which holds that the conjugal covenant “has always been directed towards the natural generation and nurturing of persons in order to build a moral, ethical, and just society.”

“Same-sex ‘marriage’ can do neither of these, since its main purpose is directed towards itself,” it explains. (READ: CBCP Statement on the US Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage)

The group also makes clear it will have none of the argument that tries to justify a “copycat refashioning of marriage under the guise of rights” just because many [heterosexual] couples are clueless as to the true meaning of marriage and the sanctity inherent in it.

It notes, “This will only serve to negatively impact our underserved, highly impressionable youth, and further fragment our already fragile institutions.”

Right to biological parents

Reacting to the recent ruling that legalized “marriage” between persons of the same gender in the United States, Filipinos for Life went on to point out that what the American Supreme Court (SCOTUS) had done departs radically from natural law given that it introduces other forms of relationships that can deny children their right to a biological mother and father, and that destroy the stability of economy and society.

“We believe that SCOTUS acted outside the bounds of its authority in redefining the meaning of an institution which has been understood, from the beginning of human civilization, as the union between a man and a woman,” the statement reads in part.

“Moreover, it tramples on the right of people of faith to oppose and object to this and other forms of relationships yet to come, and to collectively decide the fundamental law of the land,” it continues.

According to Filipinos for Life, the “lamentable” decision has no historical, traditional, cultural, or natural foundations, seeing how it is based on an irrational sentimentality and a misplaced sense of compassion that fails to consider the future of the biological family, whose nature stems from the complementarity between man and woman.

Loving the sinner

Meanwhile, the group stresses it in no way condones physical and verbal disrespect, as well as hostility toward people struggling with same sex attraction (SSA).

Rather, the group expresses willingness to help their brothers and sisters with SSA to strive to make healthy choices, lead chaste lives, and practice their faith fully despite the cross they bear.

It adds, “We encourage our countrymen, the majority of whom oppose same sex ‘marriage’, to exercise vigilance and to act decisively, on their own and through their elected representatives, to prevent a similar travesty from being inflicted upon our beloved country.” (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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