‘God’s love makes impossible possible’ – bishop

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Bishop Francisco De Leon, Coadjutor of the Diocese of Antipolo, celebrates Mass after the CFC ANCOP Global Walk on Aug. 14 at the SM Mall of Asia Complex. (Photo taken from the ANCOP Global Walk FB page)

PASAY City, Aug. 15, 2016 – Talking to thousands of soaking wet participants in Couples for Christ (CFC)’s ANCOP Global Walk yesterday, Aug. 14, a prelate talked about how the fire of God’s love redefines impossible.

“When the fire of God’s love is at work in us, we will feel the pain of letting go whatever is not comfortable with the relationship with God. Jesus shows a way that enables us to go beyond anything we can achieve on our own,” said Bishop Francisco De Leon, Coadjutor of the Diocese of Antipolo, during a Mass held at the SM Mall of Asia Complex.

“…The fire that makes this possible is the fire of God’s love, the gift of the Holy Spirit,” explained the prelate.

Referencing the flame of the Olympic torch that is kept burning during the international games and which carries “sacred significance” until today, the prelate said, for Christians, “Fire is a symbol of the divine energy which empowers human beings to reach and go beyond what they think is possible.”

Touched by fire

The prelate said things will not remain the same after this divine fire’s touch.

“…In order to bring light, fire has to destroy what it burns… And all converted to energy to bring light. If our hearts are to be filled with the light and love of the Spirit, something has to be burned and killed. That is our sinfulness,” explained De Leon, who was appointed Co-adjutor bishop of Antipolo late last year.

According to De Leon, notable is Jesus’ expressed desire to “bring fire” upon the earth.

“As fire gives life and heat, so Jesus looks to the time when God’s love and spirit will fill our hearts and minds, enabling us to know the truth and live it with courage.”

He said: “Fire is more than simply light… The fire that Jesus wants to see blazing into the world is the fire of God’s love, enlightening and warming the hearts of His people.”

Simultaneous walks

Thousands of CFC members and members of its ministries, friends, and supporters participated in the fundraising walk for ANCOP scholars, including players from the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, a professional basketball team of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Vice-president Leni Robredo, sent a message of support through CFC chairman Joe Tale after being unable to join the said event due to high fever and chills.

The Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP) Global Walk is held annually and features similar walks organized by CFC on the same day in various countries all over the world, all for the benefit of ANCOP scholars. (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz with reports from Sky Ortigas/CBCPNews)

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