‘God wants to live in your heart’ – Tagle

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Cardinal Tagle, together with Msgr. Cesar Pagulayan, blesses the newly-opened Marian Movement of Priests Office at the San Isidro Labrador parish (Photo credit: David Panlilio)

PASAY City, Feb. 6, 2014 – God’s preferred residence is your heart, says Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.

“[God] wants to dwell among us. He wants to dwell in human beings — in our minds, our hearts, our persons, in our families,” said Cardinal Tagle during a holy mass to celebrate the inauguration of the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP) office at the San Isidro Labrador parish last January 29.

God joins the human family 

This is also the reason, he explained, why communities and individual Christians are called the “living temple of God”.

“God wants to reside in us and among us,” Cardinal Tagle said, illustrating how this desire of God was physically expressed in God’s finding a home in the womb of Mary.

Pointing to the family line of David, he explained how God became part of the human family with the birth of Jesus.

According to Cardinal Tagle, King David mirrored, although in an imperfect way, this same desire of God when he set out to build a house for the Arc of the Covenant or the Holy of Holies.

Eventually, God would fulfill this ambition of David, Cardinal Tagle explained, by making the human heart His home when Jesus was born.

“God prefers to make us His dwelling place,” Cardinal Tagle added, explaining why King David never got to build God a dwelling place.

Families living in love 

This closeness and intimacy, he explained, is something God wants families to mirror as well.

“Some families are easily destroyed because they don’t live together. God doesn’t want that,” Cardinal Tagle said.

He explained how important it is that families live in each other’s “hearts and presence” and how the size and beauty of a physical house is secondary.

“Isn’t it true that even if a house is beautiful it will still be empty if we don’t live in love and we don’t live in each other’s hearts or presence?” Cardinal Chito, as he is fondly called, asked the nearly 600 Marian devotees present.

Cardinal Tagle also blessed the newly-opened MMP office, situated inside the compound of the San Isidro Labrador parish, right after the holy mass. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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