God or feng-shui?, a priest challenges the faithful

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ANTIPOLO City, Jan. 5, 2014—Every New Year revives the trend of “lucky” colors, stones and customs, but a priest reminds the faithful to trust God alone in everything. 

“Do you know what these [superstitions] show us? That we do not trust God, God who is saying, ‘I am faithful and trustworthy. You are Mine and will continue to be Mine’,” Fr. Glenn Relucio said during a holy mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage last December 31. 

According to Fr. Relucio, the New Year is a call to greater trust in the Lord and His providence. 

“Let us give Him our full trust. Let’s not place our trust in the cat with the moving paw or superstitions. Today, Jesus is asking us, ‘Who is your God?’” he added. 

Fr. Relucio described how Filipinos seem to have a superstitious belief for every occasion, not just during the New Year. 

According to him, popular beliefs among Pinoys include beliefs that a bride-to-be should not try out her gown before the actual wedding because it might not push through; that one should not sweep the floor at night for fear of ‘sweeping out’ good luck; that one should not escort a person out after a visit to a wake because the person ‘might be next’, among many other superstitions. 

He called on the mass-goers present to resist the urge to arrange their home set-up according to ‘good’ feng-shui or to put their trust in good luck charms or figures so popular at the start of the year. 

Fr. Relucio encouraged the faithful to instead recall the blessings of the past year and to pray to God in thanksgiving, especially as a family. 

“Let’s also tell God our needs and I hope the fathers of the home will lead the families in prayer,” he also added. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz] 

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