‘Give God space, find peace’ – bishop

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LEGAZPI City, July 13, 2014 – People receive peace, not by claiming it by force, but by “giving God space” to enter their lives, a bishop said.

“The more people fight against ‘difficulty’ by force, the more it becomes worse,” Legazpi Bishop Joel Z. Baylon said.

Legazpi Bishop Joel Z. Baylon (Photo: CBCP News)

By leaving a ‘space to bend’, relief will come, he added.

Space for God

“That space is the grace from God, where we allow Him to enter,” Baylon said.

Christ brings peace, not by the use of His might, he explained, but by His coming with a humble heart.

God does not raise His fist, nor take a sword to claim peace for His people, Baylon stressed.

Although fighting for peace in human ways is not bad – with the use of physical and intellectual strength – this, however, does not always guarantee the achievement of peace, he added.

“We will always be limited as human beings,” he said. “And that’s the truth.”

More important things in life

According to Baylon, people will always have physical and intellectual limitations in achieving peace among persons and in society.

The bishop also pointed that not everything people think will make them happy will actually bring them happiness.

“There are more important things in life, than we think,” Baylon said.

God invites the faithful to come to Him, who has a humble heart, for relief, and to have the heart of the child, he said.

The child’s heart is trusting, Baylon said. By holding on the hand of his father, the child feels secure, and peaceful in his arms.

This is the faith God expects from His people, he said. People cannot always rely on the knowledge they earned, but on their faith in God. (Oliver Samson)

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