FSP to continue campaign for media ‘with a soul’

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PASAY City, June 17, 2015 – Just days after celebrating their centenary, the Daughters of Saint Paul reaffirm their commitment to creating media with uplifting values for the next 100 years and beyond.

Blaming media for being partly responsible for society’s crumbling sense of morality, former Philippine province superior Sr. Evangelina Canag (FSP) likened her congregation to a tiny seed that, by God’s grace, germinates when planted, grows into plant, generates branches and, eventually, bears fruits in its campaign for media “with a soul.”

“The Lord grew the seed,” she said. “Our congregation is like the seed, grown and now spread in all the continents.” From small things may arise big things, by God’s grace, Canag added.

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Drawn away from faith

According to Canag, the battle field now includes online platforms where “liberty is unbridled.”

The culture and mentality that the mainstream media advocate draw people from the faith, the religious sister said.

Amid the immorality peddled by some mainstream media, media users especially the young, can be safeguarded through love, Felix said.

“The best thing that the young people of today can do is to love,” she said. “If you love truly, you do not wish to destroy. You allow people to grow.”

The congregation, which uses the media to carry out its apostolate, will continue to draw “a soul” into the mainstream media, despite being dwarfed by these organizations in terms of facilities and resources, Canag said.

Batches of FSP sisters, from 1948 to the most recent, look forward to hundreds of years more as they mark a milestone in their congregation’s history with a mini parade in celebration of their 100th foundation anniversary today, June 15, at their provincial house in Pasay City. (Photo: Raymond Sebastian)

“Religious life has lost its luster due to the media,” she added.

Joy and pain

500 benefactors, collaborators, relatives, friends, and well-wishers gathered on June 14 from across the Philippines and Malaysia at the Queen of Apostles Sanctuary located in the congregation’s community in Pasay to celebrate a Mass presided over by Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma.

“They are the people who have accompanied us in our journey – before, during the war, and today,” said Sr. Gloria V. Felix (FSP), who is in the police ministry. “We are very thankful to the Lord, who gave us so many blessings.”

The sisters rejoiced over the congregation’s centenary, looking back even on the FSP’s mournful moments.

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“We are happy,” Felix said. “And happy even in sorrow because the man we chose to follow carried the Cross.”

Beyond 100 years, the congregation is looking forward to handing over to the young ones what the sisters have received by God’s grace in order to carry on the mission, she said. (Oliver Samson/CBCPNews)

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