Former drug dependents rebuild houses in Leyte

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MANILA, April 2, 2014 – No less than 40 young, former drug dependents helped reconstruct 89 houses in a community in Yolanda-devastated Leyte.

Young people find hope as they undergo the process of breaking free from drugs at Fazenda da Esperança in Masbate. (Photo credit: New City)

While still undergoing a rehabilitation program to break free from drug dependence at the Fazenda da Esperança, a Masbate rehabilitation center, the young people were so moved by the devastation caused by ‘Yolanda’ that they immediately volunteered to help rebuild communities in Leyte, New City Press Philippines (NCPP) Operations Manager Romeo P. Vital said on April 1.

They could not bear to just watch and listen to reports about the destruction to lives and property left by typhoon ‘Yolanda’; these young individuals contacted a Focolare community in Leyte, so  they could start rebuilding damaged houses, he said.

The group then brought to Leyte a truck loaded with construction materials, and with their own hands labored to repair 89 houses, cleaning up the community as well.

A community was rebuilt, and formation for its dwellers was started, with the help of Focolare, Vital said, noting that it was exactly what Pope Francis had asked both the religious and the laypeople to do –- reach out to the poor and help them.

Young individuals who have graduated from the formation program of Fazenda da Esperança and also those who are currently undergoing it volunteered in the reconstruction of 89 houses in Leyte.

Next week, the same young people who seek to be completely liberated from the evils of drugs will return to Leyte to continue to help in the rebuilding of communities there.

Together with Focolare members, they will also facilitate the formation of typhoon survivors, who need to restore their morale and re-strengthen their faith to face the challenges left by ‘Yolanda’. (Oliver Samson)





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