Filipinos urged to vote wisely

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MANILA, Oct. 6, 2012— The Parish Pastoral Council Responsible Voting (PPCRV) urged voters to junk politicians who did not perform well but are seeking reelections.

Henrietta de Villa, PPCRV chairperson, said it is about time to put new public servants who are more capable to hold important positions in the government. 

PPCRV Chair and Former Ambassador Henrietta de Villa

“The voters need to be alerted. They should carefully examine the candidates to make sure they will be voting those with skills, principles and love for the nation,” de Villa said on Saturday.

She also lamented that veteran politicians, families long entrenched in politics and even showbiz personalities continue to dominate next year’s elections.

“There’s nothing wrong if you really delivered but what is worrying is that it’s not indicative of a healthy democracy,” said.

But according to her, what is really more important is for the people to elect candidates who are worthy of their votes.

“Whether or not candidates came from a political dynasty if they did not serve the country well, they should not be voted,” said de Villa.

“This is what the PPCRV has been pushing for the voters to have wisdom in choosing their candidates. As they say, people deserve the government they choose,” she added.

De Villa made the statement a day after the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has officially closed the filing of certificates of candidacies (COCs) yesterday.

For the PPCRV, the 5-day filing of COCs for local and national positions was “relatively peaceful.” [CBCPNews]




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