Filipinos urged to recite Harmony Prayer for Mindanao peace

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Fr. Sebastiano D'Ambra

ZAMBOANGA CITY, October 31, 2014–For inter-religious dialogue advocates, the best weapon is prayer. This is why the Silsilah Dialogue Movement (SDM) is urging Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and others to be part of a chain of prayer for peace in Mindanao and throughout the world.

SDM founder Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra said their Harmony Chain Initiative has spread across the country and through out the world with the praying of Harmony Prayer, which is a universal prayer for peace that the SDM has crafted especially to address inter-religious conflict in Mindanao.

With the ongoing peace process in Mindanao as well as existing inter-religious conflict in other countries, D’Ambra reiterated the need to pray even harder for peace.

“We dream that in the world the twenty-four hour time will be covered by a chain of prayer for peace and we hope that the Harmony Prayer will become part of the many efforts of prayer around the world,” he said.

Referring to Mindanao, D’Ambra said “we have to believe that most of the Muslims and Christians, especially in Mindanao, are for peace and all of us have to enter in the spirit of living together in peace. If we can give this example, it will have a great impact, not only for us in Mindanao, but also for the world (specially in those countries whose leaders are) following the peace process in Mindanao and the new effort of the Bangsamoro.”

The priest likewise urged Filipinos to internalize the message of the Harmony Prayer and to the trust in the power of prayer. The Harmony Prayer is as follows:

O Lord, I cry for peace,
Purify my eyes to see peace,
Purify my mind to understand peace,
Purify my heart to love peace,
Purify my memory to work for peace,
The peace that comes from your love and compassion.
O lord sustain my vision of peace following your inspiration,
You have many ways of revealing your presence and love for humanity,
But your style is constant: you are in dialogue with all, you care for all.
Make me, O Lord, a sign of your peace,
Living in dialogue with you,
To understand your silence and seek your presence;
In dialogue with myself to rediscover the meaning of life;
In dialogue with others to move together in harmony with all;
And in dialogue with creation to care for the earth.
Give me, O Lord, the courage to live in dialogue,
In the midst of divisions and conflicts,
And to build peace with all people of sincere hearts, Who believe in your love and compassion. Amen. (CBCPNews)

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