Filipino is world’s first magnesium priest-advocate ?

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MANILA, March 23, 2015 — Introduced to the wonders of magnesium in January 2014, a Filipino became arguably the first magnesium priest-advocate after having personally experienced what he believes to be the mineral’s natural and safe healing power.

This distinction was confirmed by Dr. Carolyn Dean, recognized by many as the world’s leading magnesium advocate, who is a medical and naturopath doctor.

Fr. Uldarico "Dari" D. Dioquino poses for a photo with resident seniors at the home for the aged, Kanlungan ni Maria, in Antipolo, Rizal. (Photo: Oliver Samson)

“I don’t know of anyone [else like him],” she said in a March 12 email. “So, he is likely the only magnesium priest-advocate.”

Magnesium apostolate

Fr. Uldarico “Dari” D. Dioquino, priest-in-charge of home for the aged Kalungan ni Maria in Antipolo, Rizal, used to complain of back pain and Charley Horse, until he met Mary Jean Netario Cruz, a naturopath and certified well-being coach.

Netario Cruz visited Dioquino on Jan. 29, 2014 at the Kanlungan ni Maria’s former home in Antipolo. Driven by an intense passion to share about the health benefits of using the mineral, she grabbed the opportunity to introduce it to the priest.
Kanlungan ni Maria, which relies on the generosity of charitable people and organizations to shelter, clad, and feed its residents, was the perfect ground to sow the seeds of her “magnesium apostolate”.

According to Netario Cruz, most of the body pains seniors complain of like muscle cramp, back pain, frozen shoulder, stiff fingers, gout, arthritis, and other health conditions are related to magnesium deficiency.

On the same day, the well-being coach, who addresses various body pains by transdermal therapy, applied the mineral, in its liquid state, on the seniors’ painful areas.


Dioquino, 59, who has slept on a poorly finished wooden bench inside Kanlungan ni Maria’s storage area every night for the last 12 years, received the therapy for his back aches.

The residents reported an improvement, and Dioquino himself was amazed at the relief he experienced.

Dioquino, who hails from Sorsogon, became interested in magnesium and he began to consider the wonders it could perform outside the home for the aged, which he has been in charge of for the past 13 years.

In mid-2014, he created the post of well-being director in the Kanlungan ni Maria for Netario Cruz, which she accepted with pleasure. They worked together for the health of the residents.

As she consistently and generously shared the richness of her knowledge about magnesium knowledge, he gradually became more familiar with it.

Why magnesium

Dioquino, who finished Theology at the University of Santo Tomas and became a priest in 1990, learned that the typical Filipino diet is poor in magnesium, and that caffeine, alcohol, stress, strenuous activities, and some pharmaceutical drugs exacerbate the body’s magnesium deficiency.

“When the body becomes deficient in magnesium, a particular part of it becomes painful,” he said. “The pain, however, can be addressed by repletion either transdermally or orally.”
With Kanlungan ni Maria residents, over 20 senior men and women in their new home in Antipolo, well-provided and taken care of, Dioquino’s thoughts wandered to remote areas, where seniors suffer in pain due to ignorance and poverty.

Together with Netario Cruz and Victoria Baterina-Solis, who is a special project director for Kanlungan ni Maria, he organized a pain-healing team last year.

Free therapy

In September, he rolled out the apostolate in Jalajala, a peninsula town in Rizal, where over a hundred less fortunate seniors were relieved from Charley Horse, stiff fingers, migraine, painful shoulders, chronic arthritis, and other body pains.

He pushed across Rizal, conducting free magnesium therapy and giving away free magnesium to the less fortunate brethren, especially the elderly, in the towns of Pililia, Cainta, Malaya, and the indigenous community of Dumagats in a mountainous section of Tanay in the following months.

In February this year, Dioquino flew his apostolate to Bohol, where his team conducted free therapy and provided magnesium to 150 seniors.

“With Fr. Dari’s desire to liberate the sick from pain, he tirelessly reaches far-flung areas,” Baterina-Solis said. “I see very clearly that his desire is deeply ingrained in his heart.”

God’s power to heal

At present, about a thousand people have received the free magnesium therapy, most of whom are poor. In this way,.

“He walks the talk of the Church,” Netario Cruz, who believes Dioquino brings the Church closer to people, said. “He resuscitates the dying faith among Christians.”

The mineral, which Dean, who is based in the US, uses to address anxiety and panic attacks among executives and athletes, is to Dioquino a gift to address pain as the divine power to heal is from God.

“Christ has the divine power to heal afflictions,” Dioquino said. “I, who possess no divine power, but doing the apostolate to wipe men of banes as He expects me to [do], invoke the natural power of this mineral to help my sick brethren.” (Oliver Samson/CBCPNews)

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