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Grateful Family and Life Quad Media (FLiQ Media) team. Their online TV shows will bring stories on family and life across Catholic communities in the Philippines and other countries speaking different tongues through FLiQ Media Channel on You Tube (FLiQ Media)

MANDALUYONG City, Feb. 26, 2014—The Family and Life Quad Media (FLiQ Media), media ministry of the Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFCFFL), has leaped onto the World Wide Web to bring across Catholic communities here and abroad issues affecting both family and life. 

Ran by young laypeople committed to the promotion and defense of the sanctity of family and life, the FLiQ Media on YouTube, in response to the call of new evangelization, “produces online TV shows to promote Family and Life advocacy,” FLiQ Media update producer Marie Relucio said on Monday. 

Relucio, on her part, “produces the Family and Life Update. It’s just one of the several online TV shows that we produce.”

The Family and Life Update started as a website, where stories about both were posted, Relucio said. Such stories seldom interest mainstream media. Later on, in an effort to gain a larger number of viewers, the group decided to produce online shows.

In the first season, “FLiQ Media Channel has 5 shows on YouTube” she said. Twelve episodes were produced for the first season, coming out once a week.

One of the programs is called “High Time,” covering issues of the youth. Another is “The Review,” an assessment of the current trends among young people, which include books, movies and fashion in the context of the teachings of the church.

One more is “Modern Day Prophet” – a catechism online show that assumed contemporary form to interest young people in Catholic issues and enthuse them to apply the learnings in their day to day life.

The second season has just started last Saturday, and the group is eyeing to take the show in the World Wide Web as more often as they can.

“We hope to do it everyday,” Relucio said. Those are “five-minute news updates everyday. It comes out on FLiQ Media Channel on YouTube every 8 o’clock in the evening. ”

FLiQ Media covers stories on family and life in the country, Asia and other parts of the world on the issues of abortion and reproductive health. The main thrust is to achieve widespread awareness on the sanctity of family and life, and to protect both from individuals and groups who bend the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church for their own agenda, and who propagate and push views and campaigns, railroading the sanctity of family and life.

“We try to monitor the latest news on family and life,” Relucio said. “Right now because we have just started, we are building up the audience. We hope that there will be more people who will promote and watch the show and become aware of Family and Life issues.”

Aware that the new evangelization shall harness capabilities of World Wide Web, where youth, as well as the other ages, intersect and communicate, the group will concentrate on the production of online TV shows to bring more stories that promote and defend the sanctity of family and life.

FLiQ Media calls on Catholics to get aware on issues affecting family and life and make a stand, especially on the current issue of reproductive health bill.

“With better awareness they can have a conviction on family and life,” Relucio said. “We want to make them aware that we cannot support reproductive health bill. We should be aware of its implications for the youth and future generations.”

And as a nation, the Filipino Catholics shall be “aligned with other countries in Asia” on Family and Life issues, and that Filipinos shall “preserve their Catholic faith and values and set an example for the other countries as well,” she said. (Oliver Samson)

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