Faithful urged to ‘live out’ Mary’s virtues

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MANILA, August 7, 2014 – A Catholic radio broadcaster on Saturday called on the faithful to live out the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, urging them to follow her example in becoming a “true follower of Jesus Christ.”
Perfect example

Bro. Jun “Dr. Love” Banaag O.P., said the virtues of purity, prudence, humility, faith, devotion, and poverty possessed by the Blessed Mother are keys that would lead the faithful toward salvation.

“If we focus on the life of Mary, we can always see her hand guiding us all the way to the foot of the cross where salvation awaits,” Banaag said in his Marian Conference talk dubbed “Under Mary’s Guidance, the Lay Faithful – Agents of Social Transformation” held at the San Carlos Seminary.

Pure in faith

According to Banaag, God gave Mary to the Church to be a “perfect example of a true follower of Christ” and that it is crucial for believers to know the “role” she plays in their lives.
Just like Mary, Banaag said the laity must also be “pure in faith and in heart” by downplaying worldly desires and always thinking about God.

“We, members of the laity, are always centered on worldly riches and on things that could make us more popular. We tend to forget that God always talks to us, that is why we need to be pure in spirit, constantly thinking of God’s message in everything we see,” he said.

Bro. Jun “Dr. Love” Banaag O.P gives “Under Mary’s Guidance, the Lay Faithful – Agents of Social Transformation” on August 2, 2014 at the San Carlos Seminary. (Photo: Jennifer Orillaza)

Always in God’s presence

Purity means finding the time to be united to God through prayer, meditation and contemplation, Banaag explained.

“Mary had a pure heart—a heart that enabled her to constantly live in the presence of God,” he added.

Banaag also reminded the people to practice prudence by thinking first before speaking, ensuring that one’s words will help others.

“Before we say anything, let us sit down for a while and be silent. Let us ask ourselves: ‘Do my words reflect the truth? Will they help others?’” he said.

Banaag, known as “Dr. Love” in his radio show of the same name in DZMM, is popular for giving love and spiritual advice to average people with troubled personal lives. (Jennifer Orillaza)

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