Faithful told: Follow God’s will ‘decisively’ like Mary

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MANILA, May 28, 2015—What will you do when God calls you? Think twice? Tweedle your thumbs? Or give Him your most resounding “Yes” at once as Mother Mary had done?

No delay

A Catholic priest has stated it is no good delaying and letting days slip by before acting on the Lord’s loving invitation, urging the faithful to be as decisive as the Blessed Virgin when it comes to answering and fulfilling His Divine will.

Fr. José Antonio E. Aureada, O.P., S.Th.D. presents the Virgin Mother as a model for all Christians as they journey towards fulfilling the will of God in their daily lives. (Photo: Raymond A. Sebastián)

“Look at Mother Mary and how she obeyed God. Long before His Son became flesh, He already had her in mind, singling her out of all women, ‘Kaire, Kecharitomene (Hail, Full of Grace)’,” shared Fr. José Antonio E. Aureada, O.P. in a Mass held at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) chapel on Wednesday, May 27.

He explained Mary responded to His call by conforming herself completely to Him.

Giving all to God

“Although a virgin, she did not hesitate to accept the angel’s offer to be the Lord’s mother, and to carry out this special task to the utmost of her ability,” said Aureada .

The Dominican priest-theologian pointed out that due to her readiness for God, Mary shows each one the best way to live out one’s mission.

“In her virginity, Mary fully realized her maternity. While not everybody can become mothers while remaining virgins, all are nonetheless called upon to give their best daily to God in keeping with one’s station in life. Mary gave herself completely to God,” he noted.

100 percent

According to Aureada, it is no wonder why the Church has such a high regard for the “Poor Maiden of Bethlehem.”

“When Mary heard God, she was only to ready to offer Him her 100 percent,” he said.

“In reading the Bible, you’ll see our Blessed Mother had been through so many heartaches and troubles. It’s not always smooth sailing heeding the will of God. It’s rough sailing. But if she can, we can. In the end, the challenge of the Gospel prevails,” he added. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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