‘Exorcism comics’ to promote values

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MANILA, September 22, 2014 — Supernatural adventure meets the unchangeable truths of the Gospel. This is what Patron Comics hopes to bring to the public with a soon-to-be released comic series about a group of teenagers who help an exorcist Salesian priest.

The comic book, which will be officially launched in November, revolves around a group of young men who try to save people suffering from a type of demonic possession that requires them to venture into The Portal, a spiritual realm “that reflects the possessed’s sins.”

“I thought about this because this is an age where all kinds of rubbish are being watched and listened to by our youth nowadays, from the TV, the radio, and of course the internet…This is an attempt to offer an alternative: a comic that everyone, especially the young can pick up,” Patron’s scriptwriter AJ Perez said in an interview.

According to him, Patron comics is not just an action movie on paper, but is also a spiritual exhortation much-needed by the times.

“When [the young men are] not saving other people’s souls, they have to strive hard to save their own…Going back to the characters, they might be trying to achieve holiness, but it sure is a superhuman struggle for them as they contend with their own personal issues as well,” Perez said, noting how his own experience of Bosconian spirituality influenced the creation and concept of Patron comics.

He also called on educators, priests and catechists to endorse the comic series as supplemental reading for students, parish youth and children, as “reinforcement” to their Catholic education and upbringing.

“I chose the theme of exorcism in order to put back the reality of good versus evil in our society today. Nowadays, good and evil get too muddled up… It is my hope that every Catholic school will pick up the books and let their students read it. This is the new way of making pro-lifers and devout Catholics out of our youth,” Perez added.

Aside from Perez, the main team behind Patron comics is composed of Gilbert Monsanto, penciller; Raymond Ferrer, inker; Bryan Arfel Magnaye, colorist; Jayboy Acosta, editor and assistant project head; and Michael Anthony Mapa, managing editor.

For further details and inquiries about pre-orders, contact AJ Perez at 0922 8276662 or through email at ajuperez@gmail.com. (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz)

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