Evacuees help fellow victims through volunteerism

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QUEZON City, August 11, 2012—Despite being victimized by the floods brought by heavy monsoon rains, some of the evacuees have risen to the occasion by volunteering to help fellow victims in their evacuation areas.

A youth volunteer at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine Parish in New Manila said that even if he had been a victim of the recent calamity, he still opted to help his fellow victims.

“As a Catholic, to keep my spirituality better, it is good to help others and by helping them in a simple way such as volunteering in the same evacuation area where they are. Because in volunteering, I can help many people who like me, were victims of flood,” said the youth volunteer who declined to give his name but wanted to be called as ‘Kabataang Karmelo’.

“It is easy to be a Christian, but is hard to be holy,” he added.

Alvin Obligado, another youth volunteer said that the first thing that got to his mind was to help others even if he was also a victim of the recent flooding.

“It is good to help others without receiving anything from them, and as a Catholic Christian, the only thing that I can do for my country and my fellowmen is to serve them by doing my best,” Obligado said further.

Some 800 people sought temporary shelter at Mt. Carmel Shrine Parish during the calamity. The parish is currently doing relief efforts for the victims in nearby village Calvary Hill.

Meanwhile, some young people chose to devote their time joining relief operations rather than spend time surfing the internet and going to the mall.

Young students Carlos Banigued and Kai Feliciano were among those who haveiven their time and lent their services to serve those who were in need.

Banigued, a grade school pupil at LaSalle Greenhills said that helping others was a very memorable experience because he got to help the victims in their time of need. While Feliciano, a high school student from Poveda College reiterated that it was also her responsibility to share the blessings that God has given her.

“The smiles and the thank you greetings from the people and children whom I helped made the experience unforgettable,” Feliciano added.

For Roselle Cortes, the youth coordinator of Novaliches dioceses, the value of sharing and helping others has been instilled in her even at a young age.

Cortes added that the most concrete way of sharing is to serve those who were greatly affected by the heavy monsoon rains.

While Alloy Peralta, a youth leader from the same diocese said that in many simple ways a young person can do much such as giving time to help and serve the victims, rather than waste time doing nonsense activities.

“I am a Filipino and more than that I am a Catholic and by being a Catholic, I believe I have a moral responsibility to my countrymen. So, I just did what I think is right and fruitful,” Peralta added.

Cortes and Peralta were part of the first batch of volunteers at St. Peter Parish in Commonwealth who helped in repacking relief goods to be given to flood victims in the affected areas of Novaliches diocese. (Jandel Posion with reports from Jude Liao)




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