Eucharist ‘best food’ for soul – priest

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NAGA City, April 9, 2015 –- In this present age of super foods and healthy living, a priest reminds the faithful that the soul also needs nourishment, which can be best obtained from the Eucharist.

“Jesus drives home the point that all men are ultimately dependent on the bread of life for their salvation from spiritual desolation,” said Caceres Commission on Women Director Fr. Xavier Amoroso at a recent recollection.

The priest also reminded that it is through the Eucharist that man nourishes best his spiritual hunger.

Beggars before God

When man admits that he is nothing before God, the priest said, he “acknowledges the Spirit [and] that [he] is more than material.” This brings him to realize that as a spiritual being, there is need for spiritual nourishment. Man becomes totally dependent on God, the only kind of poverty that brings one to fulfillment, Amoroso added.

“[In the presence of] the Eucharist, all men are beggars, starving before God,” he explained.

According to him, man seeks God and God allows Himself to be sought through His words, in the Eucharist and by His unfailing presence.

Amoro stressed the humbling realization: to die to oneself and to fully rely on God.

More than the material

Going deeper than material poverty, however, the priest pointed to the life of Jesus Christ. According to the speaker, Jesus “purposefully embraced poverty” and taught all his followers to do the same, to remain detached from material wealth and worldly possessions. “We are all paupers,” he said, “in a life that is only material.”

The speaker also spoke of “Jesus’ invitation to love the poor”, especially in the Year of the Poor. Quoting the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Amoroso said, “Jesus shares the life of the poor, from the cradle to the cross, He experiences hunger, thirst and privation.” In humility, poverty and simplicity, “Jesus invites us to love the poor”.

He added, “If we are to love and follow Jesus Christ, we must love [His] poverty and we must love those whom [He] loved: the poor.”

This was echoed by Caceres Commission on Communications Assistant Director Fr. Jay Aguilar in his homily at the Eucharistic celebration that followed Amoroso’s talk. For Aguilar, the passion of Christ is a story of love between God and His people, which gives others “the strength and inspiration to love and serve the poor.” (Natalie Hazel Quimlat/CBCPNews)

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