Environmentalists: Vote for a ‘healer in chief’

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Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, a PMPI Bishop Convenor and Fr. Edwin Gariguez, CBCP-NASSA Executive Secretary and PMPI co-convenor in a recently held press conference in Quezon City. (Photo from Fr. Edwin Gariguez Facebook account)

MANILA, May 9, 2016 – A 300-organization strong network is encouraging voters to use their power to vote for leaders who have political will, moral courage, and a proven track record and who will bring about healing, hope, and unity in the country.

The Philippine Misereor Partnership, Inc. statement said the group casts its vote for “a healer in chief, a president of hope. Consciousness and conscience.”

“We cast our vote for lasting peace, for human rights, and for the environment,” reads the statement.

Criteria for leaders

The group reminds voters to look for someone who can unite, give hope, and inspire people to rise from the trauma of social injustice, effects of conflicts and war, and the impact of disasters and climate change.

The PMPI, comprising human rights advocates, church and faith group leaders, activists for the environment, and safe, capacitated and sustainable communities said the leader must:
Prioritize climate change adaptation and mitigation and disaster risk reduction and management;

Regard peace and human rights as the very veins through which genuine development will flow;

Heed the call of Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si to protect “our common home” and to hear the cry of mother earth and the poor;

believe in good governance in their heart and practice it.

Climate change issues

“With all these, we implore all of you, to use your right and power, in conscientiously choosing the right leaders, one who is genuinely a public servant,” said PMPI.

They remind the faithful,. specially voters to watch out for the candidates who aspire only for a position because of what they can get out of it.

“…in the face of all the social ills, injustice, and the threats of climate change, we need public servants who can empathize and be present in the experience of suffering of our victims and vulnerable and poor majority.” (Yen Ocampo / CBCPNews)

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