‘End of event kicks off more online evangelization’ – CSMSv4.0 program head

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The CSMSv4.0 program team doing the "pabebe wave" (Photo: Jeffrey Gusayko)

MANILA, Oct. 18, 2015 – The event proper may be over, but the program head of the recently concluded 4th Catholic Social Media Summit (CSMSv4.) believes the end is just the start of a new day for all those who “plugged in” for Christ, urging them to take on the task of winning the online world for God.

“Of course, to the attendees, this is just the beginning – the real challenge awaits in your personal social media accounts!” noted Chrixy Paguirigan, who confessed to still having what she termed “post-CSMS depression” exactly a week after the event.

Connecting others to Christ

She called on delegates to let the “overwhelming revelations” they learned from CSMSv4.0 push them forward in their mission of connecting Jesus to the world.

“May everyone continue to ‘plug into Christ,’ the ‘Ultimate Power Source,’” she exclaimed.

Admitting she is still walking on cloud nine, Paguirigan went on to thank the many people who donated time and effort to make this year’s gathering of online missionaries possible.

“To every person whose presence and being contributed to the success of the event, thank you so so much! Especially to the volunteers, sponsors and partners,” she said.

Giving one’s best

While she knew there were glitches here and there, Paguirigan boasted everyone in CSMSv4.0 gave his all just to come out with a program delegates would not regret attending.

The CSMSv4.0 program at work (Photo: Chrixy Paguirigan)

“As for perfection, all I can say is nothing and no one is perfect. Of course, there were lapses. But one thing is for sure: We gave our best!” she explained.

According to her, she misses the endless updates she received and the meetings they had ahead of the event.

“See you in cyberspace, and together let’s fill the Online Sphere with Christ’s Presence!” she added,” she told CSMSv4.0 volunteers and delegates.


Organized by YouthPinoy (YP), in tandem with Areopagus Communications and the Diocese of San Pablo, CSMS is an annual gathering of current and aspiring online evangelists from different schools, youth organizations, and arch/dioceses of the Philippines, who want to win more souls for Christ through the intelligent and responsible use of social media.

CSMSv4.0, its fourth and latest successful installment, was held at the Sta. Rosa City Hall Auditorium, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna from Oct. 10 to 11, 2015 and was attended by some 300 delegates from the various arch/dioceses of the country.

It adopted the theme “Plugged-in” which was inspired by Pope Francis’ homily at the Manila Cathedral about “networks of solidarity” and St. Paul’s message in Romans 15:16 “that all may be one voice in glorifying God.” (Raymond A. Sebastián / CBCP News)

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